got hitched


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Hey all, just wanted to say hi again, I missed the board for a few days, due to gettin married and all.
Everything went really well.
We were married on a cattle ranch on a bluff 600 feet above the mighty Thompson river in B.C.
We had the Busa all decorated up waiting down on the bluff
on the edge of the cliff (no it didn't fall off).
We sent all the guests (180) down to the bluff early, then me and my best man made a big entrance on 2stroke dirtbikes down the long winding gravel road, stopped the bikes and walked to the edge were we watched my bride and maid of honor (her sister) walk across a beautiful green meadow on a pure white horse for her and a chestnut for her sister.
We then said our vows, put the rings on kissed, and jumped on the Busa and rode into the sunset.
Up at the ranch yard we have an 80 by 200 indoor riding ring that we completely decorated for the reception which went off without a hitch until 3 am, at which time we headed down to the hotel room that we had booked for that night.
When we arrived there we find out that the hotel had given the room to someone else (cool huh).
We then drove back to the ranch as we didn't have enough gas in the truck to make it to the next town to rent another room.
So, now 4am we pulled on every hotel door in the next town, only to find all the decent ones closed (very small towns in this neck of the woods that apperantly don't have hotels open late).
On the edge of town we finally find an absolute dump that was open as the owner was vaccuming the lobby.
He asked us if we wanted to see the room first, and we just thought, shi!.... how bad can it we grab the key and our bags and head to the 2nd floor... open the door and the room was not that bad but the heat did not work at all and it was 0 celcius outside.
By now we were way to tired to do anything about it so we just went to sleep.
I'll post some pics when we get them back.
Congratulations, the wedding sounds like it was a blast but sorry to hear about the hotel problems.
Zippidy-do-DA! Congrats again my friend. Well that will be a memorable wedding night. Yes lets see the photos!
Just remember rough starts often lead to smooth sailing...
Congratulations! Wow! she rode in on a white horse and you both rode off on the Busa! How romantic! I think I'm gonna cry!
Congrats and hope you are as happy with the lil lady as you are with the busa.... I'll tell you if you think the busa is an adventure, marriage is a group of 1300cc engines strapped to 1 frame lolol

congrats again!