Gen 2 Throttle Bodies Synchronizing?


I did some research and found out that I MUST use Suzuki SDS Tool to freeze the ISC value when Synchronizing (so the bike will idle) and then use the SDS tool to reset the ISC valve after synchronizing. I searched the entire web and can't find the Genuine SDS tool and software any where to buy. Apparently it is only sold to Authorized Dealers.

I came across the Heal Tech OBD Tool. They claim to do everything the Genuine SDS Tool does.

Has any one used The Heal Tech OBD tool to successfully synchronize their Gen 2 Throttle bodies?



You won't ever need to perform this. Ask
Klouse in Houston TX. If you must tinker though the ecu flashing tool will let you turn off ISCV.


WOW what a PITA for such a routine procedure. I must concur with c10. I did this job on my 14 and it is extremely difficult to see and get a screwdriver bit on those adjuster screws. I'd rank this an earnest 8 out of 10 on the difficulty scale for that bike. Maybe a 9. According to the manometer, the T bodies looked very out of sync to me. A SyncPro has no way to measure actual vacuum but the columns had what appeared to me a very broad range. After the sync, I checked with a 4 dial vacuum gauge (much better and less expensive tool than the Sync-Pro, BTW) and all were in spec and even. No change in idle or throttle response. It was good out of sync and just as good in sync. I would probably not bother to do as scheduled unless you have symptoms of a problem.


I'll probably do it someday but like I said, it made no dif on my Kaw. Suzuki is a lot easier to reach the screws though.


I don't do this myself but it does help IMHO. Especially the low end smoothness of the motor. I have it done every other year or so, although I'm going on 3 years now since the last.


From what I understand, idle and small throttle is what benefits most from a sync. Worth it if it makes an improvement but I think mine is smooth as ever at 11,000 miles.
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