Gen 1 low beam adjustment


After looking around in the archives I still don't see the up / down low beam adjustment location. I got the high beam all lined up. Once found... which direction to turn the adjuster raises the low beam aim ?
Heres what the book said..



Sorry its sideways


I forgot which bolt moves it up/down or left/right. I made my adjustments at night while parked in my driveway with the lights facing my garage. I was about 25-30 feet from the building so I could get a good idea of how the lights were focused. I also used a reference point on the garage door (piece of reflective tape) that I used as a guide of the estimated height of cars. I just measured the rear of one of my cars from the trunk to the ground and then transferred that to the garage. This way I would be getting a good idea of how my light shine would affect oncoming and followed traffic.
I haven't gotten back to it yet... perhaps tonight

Thanks for your effort to post that up for all of us !

It's the upside down 4 in the picture above, clockwise raises the beam. Just take remove the inner plastic pieces around the gauges, pull the guages out a little and rotate out of the way of the adjuster screw. Pretty easy. The adjust cal also be reached from below if you have a real long Phillips screwdriver.
Thanks for showing me where these bolt adjusters are. I made an adjustment that is just a guesstimate. Will find out tonight when I take it for a ride.
Alright !!! I made adjustments just by guesstimate in the garage and took it for a ride last night. Perfecto ! I recently installed a Sylvania Silver star bulb

and it really throws out a nice defined low beam. Thanks for showing me where those adjuster bolts are. Just remove the right side dash cover. Take a mirror, flashlight, and find the adjuster bolt.

Grab a 10 mm and adjust to suit your preference. I will no longer be over driving the headlight all the time.... just some of the time ! :laugh: