Front fork interchangeability for Gen 1

Howdy fellow maniacs,

I'm trying to make a list of interchangeable front forks for the Gen 1 ('05 in my case) Busa.

I recently wrecked, still in a rehab facility so I haven't yet gotten to inventory all of the damage I'll be repairing but from some photos that were taken of the bike I can at least tell that I'm going to be shopping around for replacement forks. I just want to know what all of my options are because I've seen it mentioned that some folks have swapped with GSXR 1000, R1 (i think), GEN 2 Busa, and more? but I'm hoping to learn more about what all changes the possibilities entail.

Everything I had on was stock. I was about to swap my master cylinder with a ZX-14 radial so I still have that option to employ. I am considering the benefits of swapping for forks with radial mounted calipers, but does that mean I'll have to replace the rotors and or wheels also? Any and all experience and details are appreciated. Thank you.

Enjoy the carnage p0rn




Holy crap, I take it you were injured fairly substantially....??

As for replacing the front end, why not stay with OEM? They can be had pretty easily and are fairly inexpensive. If you had damping issues, it would be the time to pick up a used set and then put some Ohlins springs and gold tech pistons in them...

What are you doing for plastics?