Frame Swap


Has anyone done a frame swap with 2000 parts (ie: engine, harness, tank, plastic etc) into a 2001 bare frame? I want to have a chrome frame but I don't want to have subframe failure after all the work.
Let me know if anything doesn't fit and remedies if known. I can rig anything but I don't want a POS when I'm done.
You don't need to swap frames to do this. It was the rear subframe that was failing. If tou have an aluminum one I will swap you for my steel subfraim. I never carry passangers.
It's a project I'm doing anyway so I still need the info. If I do the project, I can work with you subframe. I'll know later in the week.
200hp is correct, I've swapped my 2000 sub for a steel 2001! pretty simply procedure..................As for your complete swap, alot of work for some shine! Most of the wire clips will break when removed. Not sure if it will take some special tools for the removal of some of the bearings below the triple clamps (Head stem). Might be some minor fitup issues with some of the parts. Be prepared to spend some time and money doing this! If it were my bike I'd just wait on the frame that came off the bike. One last thing is the ID plate and transfer of vin #'s this will probably result in a state inspection requirement..............
Unless you are gonna use this as a show bike and you are planning to show this bike for $$$$ I'ld just have someone polish the frame $300-$400 bucks compared to $1000-1500 chromed, and you break it down and send it off. Its about $2500 to get the frame chromed if they have to disemble it and put it back together. The chrome frame looks great, but a highly polished frame will look nearly as good IMHO, and you wont have to worry about any of the broken fasteners or wires running along the frame.