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OK guys I went for the first group ride of the season and man did it feel good. There were about 25 of us, we started riding down the interstate, the squids started the standups and swerving in and out of traffic, cars were braking because they didn't know what to do as they were being swarmed by bikes. I quietly rode about 500 yards behind, listening to some tunes and feeling right at home..... I needed a break away from the website and sitting in this chair... It's amazing what running 165 down the interstate will do to get you focused... Ahhhhhh I feel better.





Are you still gettin' rid of the bike? I wish there was somethin' we could all do to help you keep runnin' the site without loosing the bike...
Well there might be a solution on the horizon, I should know by the end of today what options I will have.. If things go right we should be fine, if not say bye bye busa....... As the highlander (and my wife) said "There can be only one" Hayabusa or website.............


Happy tha you had a good ride. Let us all know if we can help out in anyway.
We ahd the first real gathering out here also. It was only 60 but it was sunny. About 12 Busas, good group of guys, most of us never rode with each other before. let's hope this is the start of the season.
I went for a very short run today ( Sunday ) started raining but of course yesterday was perfect but, had to work.
Ninja man, where did your group go? open roads, high speed, twisties, just cruise...? Pics? or lets us know weds chat. - Aloha

Open road @ 180mph, a Turbo and stroker and a Ninja Eater with NOS. I was able to stay even with the 1397cc stroker. We then went through my area twisties in the country, all in all about 250 mikes are so from Worcester MA., Westerly RI., Providence, Sterling CT. and past Casinos.
Rode today in Northern MI. 38 degrees and wet but cabin fever happens and I could wait no longer. Full (I mean FULL) protective gear and I was warm as toast. Wet, cold weather riding is a lesson in humility, however.
Just got back in from my first good ride of the season. Spent yesterday up in the mountains of NC near Deal's Gap and around the Blue Ridge Parkway into Tenn. All in all a little over 300+ miles. Thank goodness for Helibars especially for the first real ride of the season.

I'm gonna try to roll from NC to New Orleans sometime this summer. Anyone interested in riding or joining up to ride part of the trip let me know. Eventually i plan to spend about two weeks on the road and ride out to the Grand Canyon---lets just say its one of those things i just gotta do--ONCE

 to the joy of the long ride

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Good thing you had a good ride. Too bad you'll lose the bike or site.

IMO, I say keep the 'busa, and turn the site over to somone else to take care of, or get Suzuki to sponsor it as the Official Hayabusa site. That could probably work, I searched Yahoo, and this was the only site that showd up. Pretty good chance Suzuki would do that.
I can't even get suzuki to email me back..... OK Suzuki for the rare chance that you are reading this post I will make you a deal. I will trade straight across this domain for a B-King, or you could just give me a B-King and I keep the site.......

How's that fellas! Think it will happen