Final Fantasy XIII


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For all you mad crazy gamers out there that cant get enough of the whole Final Fantasy series here is my official review of FFXIII.


This game has some very STUNNING graphics in the cinematics. Even the graphics during the game play are quite vivid.



While it is different than the past FF games, the new styling has its own appeal. Some aspects take a few minutes to get accustomed to, but the ingame tutorials of the functionality is quite helpful. One downfall is not being able to change the party leader. Not being able to choose groups is also an issue as poor group makeups drags the game out. (note this is early on only)



The characters have been put together very well. Each with their own reason for being in the game. The abilities of each character are prevalent when in the correct grouping. Having flashbacks to show the reasoning and story also brings you that much closer to understanding the characters "personality".



Final Fantasy has been known to have some wonderful soundtracks in their games, this one is no exception. The music is very fitting for the locations in which you visit. It is load enough to listen to without overpowering your senses. The voices are also far better in this installment of the series. They are not as forced or synthetic sounding as in the past. The syncing of the music the voices and the animation seem almost flawless.



This game encompasses many things I personally have been looking for in a Final Fantasy game for years. A little quicker action, beautifully stunning graphics and back story to the characters. Like all games it has its quirks and things that aren't appealing but I believe they hit a home run with this game.


I would highly suggest this game to anyone that enjoys a good RPG that gives visual eye candy and a real story line.

Please note graphics in this game will differ for each person by TV used, cabling used and console used. PS3 uses BLUE RAY quality while XBOX360 uses DVD quality. I am sure both systems do this game justice.

I am using a PS3 through HDMI on a 28" 1080p LCD TV for my evaluation and gameplay. There is a vast difference between the HDMI and the standard RCA's.
I have watched people play this series, and there are some amazing qualities, but it is just not my style of game. Thanks for sharing the review of the game with us.