Fault code c92


Got the c92 code :fuel level gauge signal (sending unit). The fuel level showing on the dash is good which means that there is a signal being sent but the FI light comes on after a minute of riding:banghead:
Any fix for this or it's replacement only?
An FI light is just that a light. It resets every time you crank the bike. PM Gixerhp, he might have a clue.
Done, sent GIXERHP a PM. I unhooked the two wires under the tank and the "low" fuel light didn't go off either and it's too cold to sit and diagnose. I'll wait for a warmer day.
Update: the c92 code disappeared on it's own, but got a new code c26, it was coil #3, replaced with a spare and all is good n smooth. I was getting a misfire at idle or low revs and thought it was the fuel level gauge causing the miss not realizing it was one of the coils until I pulled the code.