F.B.I. Agent left note and business card


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My wife and I usually enter through the side door, she called a little while ago saying she left through the front door and there was a note and business card from an F.B.I. Agent.

Note said the agent would like to "talk to us". I thought oh great guvment census got my GPS two weeks ago, now the G-man is leaving his business card at my remote house in the country.

I called "Thomas" the agent, he was very nice. Seems he is doing a background check on my neighbor.

My neighbors wife applied to the F.B.I., he asked about Police, beer bottles, noise, etc, etc.

I told him, I can't even see their house from mine, but contact with her has been very positive and she seems like a good citizen.

All's well that Ends Well:whistle: Should I be looking for hidden microphones:dunno:

No ...but you should stop talking to yourself while you type...im just sayin:whistle::laugh:
The FBI does a very thorough investigation of applicants..and will do it again during advancements.

oh, ...and dont worry about cracking a joke...they are all business while doing their job.:beerchug:

..and as mentioned before.....welcome back to the grid.:poke:
NOT a habit, SINUSITUS, I have a Doctors note, honest, Ill scan and post if you dont believe me :laugh:

...of the note only, thank you very much!...:laugh: :beerchug:

:thumbsup:(I don't know, the nose thing might be kinda interesting....JK JK JK):thumbsup:
woa sounds like the MAN is keeping an eye in your place at least you dont have to pay for security
I live in a "Estate" group of property(only 12 homes), no through traffic, I have the smallest lot(4.11 acres). My former neighbor(now friend) is ATF, he left and DEA supervisor moved in,(but not same house), now another neighbor is going to work for the FBI. Hmmmmm..... curiouser and curiouser???
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