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I have been working with State Farm since I was 16. I'm 41 now. I've had a few claims but mainly things like hail damage when I lived in Colorado.

Saturday night my Porsche 928 was stolen from my house while I was at the track. I filed a Police report Saturday night.

This morning I called State Farm to report the loss and was informed that I only had uninsured motorist on the Porsche. Now this bothers me because I have always carried full insurance on all my vehicles. I also carry a $500 deductible on all vehicles.

While talking to the claim agent I found out that my deductibles were NOT $500 across the board. This was all done by the agent that I fired about 6 months ago but there is still nothing I can do.

Call your agents now and confirm your coverage. I wish I had. Now I'm completely out of pocket.
Damn man.....sorry to hear about that. I hope it's recovered in good condition for you. That is a sweet ride.

So your coverage changed w/out notice as soon as you "fired" the initial State Farm agent you were working with? How does that happen?
Damn bro,
Those 928's are beautiful. Good luck getting it back. Sounds like you are the victim of a shady insurance agent. I'd contact a lawyer about the situation just to see what your options are considering this change was done without your consent.
What does your paper work say on it? The papers of when you paid or renuid the coverage on the car. To insure that type of ride with ONLY unisured should have notice the $$$ on the premium being low.

I pay State Farm for our rides ( H3, F150, and the BUSA) every year and highly look at the paper work on the coverage. IT got change for some reason years ago and I cought it before I payed them.

Good luck, and I :please: you get it back unharmed.


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In talking to State Farm it sounds like it was setup wrong from the beginning. I told the agent I wanted full-coverage, $500/deductible but it was never set up that way. I won't have any recourse other than the fact that I had already fired her for other reasons. I really wish I had taken the time to review my policies closer.

The best I can do now is remind you all to check your policies.

The good news, my wife said I can get a new vette. So after vacation, I'm car shopping! (the laughter hides my tears)

head east busa

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that sucks man I work in insurance just not state farm (who is usually a good company). For anyone and any future reference there is no such thing as "full" coverage you can have Collision where you hit someone or they hit you and or comprehensive (Hail,theft,animal,anything that basically means another person didn't hit your car with thier car or another object which was airborne and not on th eground hits your car.). Now this does not mean you have rental car coverage even if you have both. So you would need to add rental car coverage. Actually the list is too long to go over every detail but to make it easy if you want to be protected make sure you have comprehensive and collision coverage, rental car coverage, uninsured motorist coverage that is equal or greater than the value of your vehicle or that simply waives your deductible very important. Hell if anyone has insurance questions let me know I'm not an agent I'm actually in claims but I know the most common gripes people have.


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Oh that sucks! I just talked to my agent a few weeks ago and went over my policies, but I may even go back and do it again. Hopefully it will be recovered. :please:
Can you recommend any Porsche 928 forums? I hear those cars are expensive to keep on the road, but that is all relative. The design seems to be the inspiration for the C5-C6 Corvette.


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That stinks...I have State Farm too and have always been real good to me so far, but nothing filed (knocking on wood)


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Hate to hear....Hope they catch them bastids. That sux.

Good luck on the Vette shopping the 09-10 are nice:beerchug: Have you seen the Jay Leno video with his new vette? He got the 1st 09 made....sweet car.
that sux bro

I have my agent on speed dial,email her from time to time and have sent fruit baskets every so often,that chick has kooked me up big time over the years.I have cars,bikes,boats,homes and life with her,I make sure my sh!t is dialed in where I want it.:whistle:


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Your whole story sounds like the agent screwed up on purpose. Uninsured motorist is optional coverage after you have the primary insurance like liability which is required by law in most states.
I have more coverage on my 1984 Honda XL80 then you had. I smell a RAT. There has to be a paper trail you can go after and find out if it was covered at one time. How could you tag the car in California without liability? Your verification card has the coverages on them. All you need is to do is look at the card.


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Thanks everyone. It makes me feel better that I can let others know to call their agents. I like working with State Farm and have no intention of leaving them. It was the agent and I already fired her so not much I can do.

It had liability. It also had UM. She just set it up wrong from the beginning. I'm debating with myself right now. Do I do the vette, or a Porsche 911 GT3, or maybe a Caymen, or maybe something completely different. I really like the looks of the new Challenger and Camaro.

Whatever my next car is, it'll have LoJack.


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Now we know how they save enough money to be able to pay you enough to afford a New Vette! :laugh:

Seriously though. Sorry to hear about your loss,but happen to hear you can recover.


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Oh, they're not paying me a dime!

This is just me buying myself a new car to replace the 928. I bought my wife the 07 Mustang back in February, now it's my turn. I haven't had a new car since 03. Time to get something fast, fun and nice.

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