Ez pass


Sorry guys, I'm reposting my concern about mounting my ezpass to see if anybody has anymore solutions to my dilemma. I changed my windscreen to a blue chrome double. Now the ezpass won't register from under the windscreen when I pass the toll booths. I tried to put the ezpass in my breast pocket of my leather, as suggested, but it doesn't work. The holder that hooks up to the handlebar/mirror looks awkward to me for a sportbike. Does anybody have any ideas other than physically holding it in the air as you pass the toll? Thanks.
I think someone actually suggested this on your last post too.

Joe Rocket Manta tank bag has a pocket on top that should be just the right size for an ezpass.

I got mine from New Enough for $39. They've got em now for $35! Linky

I have a little velcro bag that sits on my mirror stem that will hold my pass and a set of keys or cellphone. There is a picture of it somewhere on here, I'll look for it. Otherwise I can snap one tonight. It didn't budge at 150mph. It is actually a triple clamp bage but blocks the ignition on the Busa. Let me know if you are interested in the pic.