Exhaust advice anyone? Please Help

I have heard the sidewinder isnt good if you are going to ride curves b/c it will drag the ground. I would go with a yosh.
I would save up the cash to either get a new full system or do some shopping and find a good used system that you like. Psychobike is another good site you might want o check out. Good luck with what you end up doing. :thumbsup:
Im running the Akropovic full ti Evo on my gen 1...What a system.1st time not running a yosh and absolutely noooo regrets.The best craftsmanship ive ever owned in a exhaust..:thumbsup:
I am going to ask a slightly different question about exhaust systems. I have a 2006 Hayabusa that is completely stock. I am wanting to put on a shorter exhaust system too. I have seen the shorty's from Voodoo and Hotbodies. What are you guys impression/experience with those exhaust since they reduce the exhaust profile too?