Engine giving off vibes, motor oils


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Just got my Busa last Saturday, love the #### thing. It is a 99 with 1800 miles on it. The engine seems a little rough above 5000 RPM but very smooth down below. I am wondering if anyone noticed the engine becoming smoother at higher revs after some more miles get put on it. The previous owner did not ride it for a year and I am changing the oil this weekend, I hope this alleviates some of the problem. Any suggestions on a specific oil I should get? I know they are all pretty #### good but has anyone had a particularly good experience with one?

I had a 2000 and remember complaining about that same thing, I'm not sure if I just got used to it or it sorta ironed itself out. Either way it never became a problem. My solution is vary your speed ie: 180mph to 215mph then hold it for awhile then slow way down to 180mph! Also keeping the front wheel off the pavement for 2/3 of total riding time. This should cure the problem.

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Here I was thinking it was the bike's problem but it is mine!! I was only riding at 160 - 180 MPH and on both wheels. I feel so stupid.... I am not sure if the engine is smoothing out or I am getting used to it. But it SEEMS smoother which I guess is what matters.

Nice Pic too
Great job Pro! I am still laughing after about 10 minutes. Killer wheelie too! Holy $h!t batman!!!

Now I'm wishing I broke mine in that way.
Vibration??  First service??   "all bikes need a good going over"
in the nut and bolt area................i went 151mph on Easter Sunday in 1985....three of the four bolts that hold the fairing on were loose.......can't trust the factory..sometimes dealers.
Take the bodywork off and check every nut and bolt you can find.
and all the others...you can find..and you will find "something loose....
Ps liked the 180---to 215 answer..mono wheeli'n it..may work
but no guarantee's..haha..love this site..ride fast and safe.
OH yea it was a "oil question" I use Hondaline 10/40..in my BUS..cheap n' good..Lot's of opinions on oil...most bikes die from sitting....still..pretty much any quality oil is fine.....keeping it clean and full.......proper storage.."Stabil"
is good stuff.....for the the gasoline.....or ride 24/7..hehe
Pacemasters right about checking your nuts and bolts. I now have 300 miles on my new '03 and noticed that my left handlebar-end was finger tight! Luckily I found it before it fell-off. Also, I had an R1 and we were all out goofing around, doing wheelies and racing and a friend came up while I was on the bike and just happened to twist my steering column nut. It was also finger-tight!! Now I always due a sorta mental check everytime I ride........just to make sure that I'm completely nuts!!! The moral to my story is this:
Don't get anywhere close to me when you ride, or else your bike will fall apart!hehehe Also, if there are any Golden triangle area riders here (Bmt, Pt. arthur, nederland) where do you all meet nowadays?
Hey Sierra,
I'll bet ya have some great roads there in Cali. Im in S.E. Texas. Nothing to do here but dodge cattle! haha
yeah there are "too many" twisties in the Sierras. But it is dangerous too. Logging trucks use the same roads. They are slow and they scatter gravel onto the corners. Its easy to get loose or come up on one in a turn closing in at 40-60mph. Thats some pucker factor!