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Jose J Ortega

First, before stating my subject; I just can thank enough for all the inspiration an help from this forum. My Hayabusa issues have been a resuscitation of my old skills that my Dad thought me when I was small kid wend he uses to fix motorcycle in the garage. I have read so much about sportbike watch Youtube, read a lot of books, spoken to other motorcycle mechanics and worked so much in my Busa that I am not scared to work on this high tech technology bikes. Now I want to do a big project,

I want to build a 1397 or Rebuild my engine. But for the cost to rebuild it, I prefer to go big. I know I can build it myself. But I just need some feedback and recommendations on what I need beside the Block, piston, etc. I will do the compression test to my Busa and depending on the outcome I will decide the route to buy a used low miles engine and start the rebuild or if the engine is good I will just buy another engine( Gen 1 Busa) and make a monster of the engine.

Here is the link and thanks in advance for your feedback.

Option 1



That is a good question Red *


I want to go simple 1397 .

No turbo for now *

Used to ride with a friend named Richard & he would go fastest stock modded bike *

He would always have the latest and quickest factory motorcycle available .

However he was never the fastest bike at the drag strip either !

Look at what you want for final out come before you start.

Because it could get expensive to change your mind.

Some factory tweaked Gen 2's out run a 1397 .

Do you always want to wrench on it ?

Just something to ponder .

Red, *<(;{)-

Johnnie Phatt

I built a double Harley that I ran on gasoline. I was not about to try to learn how Nitro worked. I had enough trouble with gasoline Needless to say it never went anywhere near what the guys who knew what they were doing went. Took it to a few winter shows for a while after it scared the living daylights out of me:). Ah the good old days I forget where I saw it was but there was a triple Kawi 750 two stroke built by Denco running around for a while That and Russ Collins were always something special to watch

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