Dry Nitrous kit install help please.


Hello, im kinda new to this but hopefully someone can help. I got a dry nitrous kit and im in the process of installing it and I have a few questions. Where should I put the nozzle at? How can I fit the 1lb bottle in my hump? And can I start with the 38 jet and just bump up my fuel at 100 percent? Any pics would help. Thanks for any help.
Write this guy.


He sells a piece that goes in the bottom of the airbox where the vacuum pod goes, after you remove it. Do a small airbox mod, or just remove the flapper. The nozzle screws directly into it.
The 1lb bottle will easily fit into the hump. I have a 2lb bottle in there.
You may need to remove the valve from the bottle and remove the syphon tube, so you can turn the bottle around. It fits nicely like that!
A 36 jet is the largest recommended size(40hp), and yes, You can just bump up the 100% fuel, but you are just guessing as to how much fuel you are adding.
The ONLY true way is to put it on a dyno and see what your air/fuel ratio is.

Actually, The nozzle is backwards in the above picture. I was trying different angles.
Here is the bottle in the hump.
Like I said, the syphon tube is removed, so the bottle can be turned around.