....Dont know whats up???...03 busa jerky


Now I haven't had this bike too long, its a 03, and since I got it it ran smooth and great, But today it just did not feel right at all, after taking a trip to hospital we decided to take a nice calm ride home, which found my "busie" becoming a fraction jerky at about 30mph, it dint do this on the trip to the hospital but coming back was odd,... it was that confusing i thought the rear wheel bearings had gone,...BAD,.... but nope after pulling over and taking a look it dint seem like that,.. but then felt like the TPS was out or something "assuming the TB's are sync'd as well as they can be" as I havent got round to checking but the call for concern was it happened out of the blue,...the clutch too sounds a little noisy but I'm led to believe this is a typical trait of the busa?

If anyone can throw some ideas my way I'd be very grateful.

Are there any video demonstration on how to do a TBS and TPS adjustment on this bike? As I'm more familiar with suzuki twins as opposed to straight fours.


Could be a few things. You may have a tight spot in the chain or the adjustment is too tight, TB sync, fuel filter issue, cush drives, stuck injector. All can make a busa herky jerky.
Try the easiest things first. I ran a half a can of Sea Foam through mine and it really helped. I have 2 bikes and this one gets the least use, so it sets a lot and needed something to help clean it out. I got it at Wally for about $8.50. Worked better than I thought it would.
I second the sea foam and also check your chain for sure. Depending on the gear you where in the busa can be a little jerky at low rpms
it is more on low rpm's, how ever im in the uk do they do seafoam here?.... I've questioned if its the rear wheel bearings because of a slight "uneasiness" from the back end, perhaps the chain might be too tight?.... I will look into this more when i get hold of a paddock stand lol and a set of carbtune gauges to check the tb's,....I was told that it has a Tre fitted, however I haven't got round to finding out if this is 100% true.... not that removing it would cause any upset, the fuel pump does sound quite loud too,... "normal for these>?"...Cheers for the input so far guys its a big help :)
a tree would smooth the bike out at lower rpms not make it jerky. Try the sea foam. Also get the rear of the bike up in the air. make sure the rear tire is straight of the swing arm bolts not the indicator marks. Next while in the air grab the rear tire and see if you have any side to side or back and forth movement. If you do cush drive is shot and possibly bearings. Check the chain as well. See if it has any rattle or side to side movement in the links. If it does its shot.
Cheer dude, I am waiting to get hold of a paddock stand, I am now looking into finding a S-tre, "preferably a smart one which keeps a smooth neutral idle" and Ive ordered some seafoam which il dump some in the tank,. also look into somehow using a squirty bottle and spraying it into the air inlets too, then get hold of a Carbtune, and double check the TBS :) then the rear wheel shenanigans.