Deals Gap 8/13/05


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My daughter and I will be riding through the Gap Saturday on our way to Gatlinburg. Just wondering if any of ya guys will be there? Probally be around lunch when we arrive.
I will be in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge are over the weekend. No bike, I will be in the cage. How long will you guys be there?
Just a day ride. Its my oldest daughters birthday the 12th and she wanted to ride the gap and then go to Gatlinburg and eat at the Park Grill. That is what my youngest daughter and I did last month. Probally arive in Gatlinburg around 4 to 5 pm. Will be riding with a friend , he rides a Valkrie. Join us At the Park Grill if ya can, if not hope to meet ya either at Road Atlanta or at the Bash in Oct.
I PM'ed you my cell phone number. I dont know what our plans hold for Saturday.

I will be at the Busa Bash, staying at the Phillips. I will not be at the Road Atlanta races next month. I will be doing a track day at Road Atlanta in November with NESBA.
Be very careful along the Dragon for a while. Since the two riders were killed a couple weeks ago, enforcement has stepped up. The THP and Blount Co. SO is running bikes on the Dragon for enforcement. Be especially careful around the lake after leaving the Dragon. Unless I'm mistaken the speed limit is 35 mph on that stretch of road. I'm not sure I can idle that slowly along there.

Enjoy your trip and tell your daughter Happy Birthday.

Maybe I'll see you at Road Atlanta. I plan to be there with my son and some friends for the races. We're also planning to go to VIR for those races too.

Have a good day Saturday.

Bronc, yes I am going to Road Atl. Staying at Chatea Elan Saturday night. Thanks for the info about the cops TennBusa. We will just be cruising through, if there is such a thing as cruiseing through on a Busa. I will tell my daughter ya said Happy Birthday, Thanks. I hope all of us Busa members can get together at the race on Saturday at RD ATL. Vman, I PM you back but I will call Ya tomorrow afternoon. Thanks all for the info. I will post pics next week sometime. Tim