Deals Gap/ Smokies this weekend


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Is anyone going this Saturday? We ( my daughter and I, Its her birthday and this is what she wants to do, isnt that cool ) are going to ride from Tellico to the gap and then to Gatlinburg to have a bite to eat and then home. Just wondering if any of you all was going to be up that way.
We went during the busa bash 3. first time and had alot of fun. I guess no one else is going to be there on Saturday. Nice picture of you and your son. I looked but they must not have got one when we were there of us. Maybe this time.
I'm heading back up, but not until Sunday evening. May not make it to Robbinsville until monday or tuesday.. I am initially stating at Maggie Valley. Anyone who can break free this next week, PM me!
i can't wait till my daughter is old enough to go on rides with me... hope she wants too.. hehe

she's well on her way to bein' a daddys girl though so I'm not too worried about that.

she wants up on the gas tank when I'm sitting on it in the garage doin' whatever i'm doing to it.. sits there and just smiles.. .. the she pushed the big red button and laughs when it dies.. kids..
My girls are 13( Sunday) and 15( August). Both love to ride. We have made 300 mile day trips together. Im sure your daughter will love to ride with you if that is what you like to do. My youngest also loves to deer hunt with me. She got her first deer 2 years ago, a ten pointer, made the old man proud, best feeling in the world when they have the same passion and enjoy spending good quality time together. This is a pic of the youngest on the last Busa Bash. Hope you can make it to the next bash.

Bronc3, have a safe trip. Looks like ya might run into a little rain. Maybe it will stay west of the mountains. Anyway have a good time. Are you going through chattanooga Tenn? I live just 10 min. south of there.