Daytona Bikeweek


The weather forecast says thunderstorms and scattered showers the rest of the week in Daytona.

1. My question is would you rent a trailer and tow your bike 1400-1500 miles roundtrip in hopes that it might clear up.

2. just call it a riding bust, leave the bike home in the garage and go down and hang out

3. Say screw it all head to the mountains ride and chill?
This sucks, I have a place for $300 a night for this Fri-Sun and it looks like rain. Nothing to do but pray for sun and head south. If I didn't already have $ down for a place I would bag the whole thing!!
Blas I just cancelled my trip this year. I was camping out this year, so it was just a matter of cancelling the trailer and no $ lost. From what I've heard and seen on TV the storms and rain are gonna be severe an inch of rain or more.

But now that I have cancelled It'll probably be 80+ and sunny.
Thats what happened to us at Laconia Bike Week in NH poured buckets all weekend and we put on a total of 15 miles
it sucks, I'm in tampa and trust me, the skies are pitch black, it raining now, it's raining all the way to daytona, and if you come here, you will get rained on numerous times. It's a washout, I went on saturday from tampa witha g roup and 2 riders wiped out. Rain sucks, it was perfect for weeks until bike week, can you believe that?