Back from Daytona!


Wow I rolled back in from Daytona last night. I'm not sure If any of you made it but for those who did not It rained. Not only rained but thunderstormed the whole trip. The rain was so bad the campground closed down because so many vehicles were getting stuck, which meant I had to get a hotel an hour away. Thank God for my free hotel nights otherwiseit would have cost me $159 a night to stay an hour away.

Overall it was a wet bikeweek were the best was made of a bad situation, but I still had a good time. I didn't see anyone from .ORG there but most people were probably partying indoors.

No great pics so we'll wait till the next event.

Who else made it down?
Hey Dezzy...I was down at Boat Week as well...Wed and Thursday were nice and sunny so we got out a little them but you're right. the rest of the time it was a washout.

I was sporting my .Org shirts but I didn't see anyothers. Did see a couple of nice Busa's tho.
damit, that reminds me I forgot to set the sat to record the race today!!!!
Sorry to that the weather sucked. We got rained out at NH bike week last year.