Connections On Airbox


Just did the first valve clearance check at 15,000 miles, all was fine. I noted all connections on disassembly, and think there was nothing here before, but now I'm second guessing myself. On the front of the airbox, on the bottom, there is what looks like a connector for a hose. It's at the very top of this photo.

Nothing goes there, correct? I can't see a hose anywhere that would connect there. (did a search but didn't come up with the answer to this...)


Yes a vacuum hose does go there otherwise the intake flap will not open up under throttle. Unless someone else wired the flap open on the inside your bike your bike will have lost some HP from half throttle to full throttle. The hose should be there
Ooops! I suppose I should have read that better.......

Just a drain. No need for any plug but if you want a completely sealed airbox that would be one of the ports to plug
You have probably already figured this one out but that is the PAIR Valve hookup, not the drain. Your drain is at the opposite end of the airbox. Probably had nothing on there as someone else already took it off. If that is the case I would plug it and be done.