Confused with gas???


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Anyone in the petroleum industry here?

If I tried couple of years ago, I could get 52mpg with the Busa, now it is more like 47mpg.

With my Prius, couple of years ago I could get 58mpg if I tried, now it is 50mpg. (close to 500 miles $35 a tank)

So last night for the first time, I put Super (93) into the Prius as a test and I am back at 55mpg.

So what is going on here?

Someone at one of the bashes told me a Prius and a Busa don't go together, I should sell the Busa and get a Moped. :poke:


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I get better mileage with Ethanol free gas also. There is station by house I use for bike, unless I am out on a trip anyway.


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the gas industry to me is like a drug supplier. they get it in there purest form then cut the crap out of it for the buyers then add corn fuel. my fuel mileage is in that ball park as yours and i personally don't mind it because it is better than my tundra hands down.


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I wouldn't complain about 47mpg, don't think I've ever got that much with my Gen 1. More like 40-42 average, maybe 44-45 at best on the slab and cruise control.

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