Hey everyone,New Busa guy here that would love to ride or hang with other Busa guys/girls....I am in the Denver area and my freinds ride a 929,xb12r,R1 and i have a 02 black and blue with new tires and experimental exhaust mods on stock cans..........Give me a shout----Gonna be 80 degrees all weekend here--Sweeeeet

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Hey Dude,
I live in Castle Rock just off Castle Pines Parkway and Monarch. Where are you located?
I'm a fairly new Busa guy myself. I've had my '03 Black/Grey Busa for about 2 months now and absolutely love it! I know of one other Busa owner in the area thats also on this board...FinallyGotBusa

I'm tied up Saturday, but could probably ride Sunday morning...

Give me a shout - just drop me a message on the board or Private Message in the board messenger.

Ride Safe!
Duh, just noticed your handle...
your in Aurora...
What roads do you like to ride?

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Down in the Springs here!! Good to hear from some Colorado People. As of now, I do not know a soul down here on a 'Busa. Hopefully we'll have a chance to get together before Old man winter shows up. I actually rode a few times last winter too. A little cold but......

Later fella.
Hey guys,how about a little ride tomorrow-Sunday?
I may have 2 or 3 bikes with me.Give me a shout and we can pick a place/time to meet.Talk to ya soon..........Rodney
I may be able to go. I'v got a few things around the house to do first though. When were you planing on riding?
What roads do i like to ride? This sport bike thing is new to me (been riding bikes since 10 years old) so the cornering thing is really cool.Im still trying to find that perfect road to open it way up.
I do like riding lookout mountain on top of Golden,Hwy 72-coal creek canyon is a good one,hwy 34 between loveland and estes park in cool.There is a lot of roads i have not been on yet but give me some time :) :) :D :devil:
Sorry I missed you guys. The puter went down this weekend. I did go for a ride. Up Hwy 24 to Woodland Park, then 67 up thru deckers to the 285. Was in a it of a rush to get home and took the highway all the way home. Will have to see what's its like next weekend. Supposed to drop to the 60's on Friday, but who knows for the weekend. Hopefully we can all hook up for a little jaunt. Sat is really better, since I play in a Flag league on Sundays. Hopefully...............

I think we should all meet up on the next nice weekend day and take an all day ride somewhere It would be cool to have a bunch of busas flyin together. This weekend looks linda cold but there are sure to be some nice days soon thanks to our quirky Colorado weather.

Sounds like a plan. We'll keep it going here, and if it looks like its gonna be a good day to ride, we'll try to get together. Maybe someone can even send out pm's for this. Later fellas and be safe.
Anyone thinkin about the Vegas trip in April? Am contemplating going if logistics work out and can book the time-share in Vegas. Was wondering if anyone else up here is considering? Doc has a thread in the General.

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Same for me too, for some reason this year. Usually all the knuckleheads I have to deal with stay home when it's cold and work slows down a little. Not this year tho. Whi know ? Will have to call down to Vegas and see if I can book the time-share for the weekend. That may be a big determining factor.
it sure sounds good but my wife is having our first kid near the end of Febuary so i will be at home for a while.