Color no


Is there anyone out there that can give me the color number and the description for the Black/Blue Busa. I don't think it's the same Blue as in the Blue/Silver version.

Go to the link below and look about half way down the webpage. You'll see a paint application guide. Enter Suzuki and yer year and click the button. You'll have to find the GSXR1300 colors in all the results but they'll be there.

I looked it up using the 2002 year and it is Candy Grand Blue, code YC2. No blue/silver available that year. I found the silver blue combo under the year 2000 and it's a different blue. It is Deep Pearl Blue, code 1LF.So, yes they are different blues.  :cool:
Color-rite has a good thing going..I believe they do the colors for all the bike makers.. and their paint cost a small fortune