brilliant deduction


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I think I figured out the fastest color thing.

Black: very dark color.
black/blue: a smidge lighter
black/grey: a little lighter.
blue/silver:  lighter yet
red/grey: a tad lighter still
grey/silver: quite light
Orange 03: still lighter
copper/silver: very light color.
This means the copper/silver Busa's must be the fastest as they are the lightest Busa's built.
I think I'll paint my black/grey Busa white then.

Any challenges?
Alright Monster,
Clearly you gave this some thought, you explained your argument carefully and laid it out well, <span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'>BUT...</span>

Here's what you missed, all of the colors that the Busa has come in to date have contained various amounts of metal flake in the paint...Accept the 02 SE[/color]...Follow me on this...

Metal is heavy, we all know this, So the Pure Black perfection of the <span style='color:indigo'>2002 SE</span>is obviously the fastest due to it's complete lack of any HEAVY metal flakes in the paint.  Less weight = More speed and better handling, simple.

Besides, The <span style='color:indigo'>02 SE Busa</span> has actually been painted in the same "Special RADAR ABSORBANT as the stealth family of planes, only with a nice clearcoat...Trust me on this...So the <span style='color:indigo'>02 SE</span> is also largly invisible to LEO's little RADAR/Laser guns...which is nice.

Whoops looks like I am low on DOT 5 Blinker Fluid, know where I can get some?
Dot 5 blinker fluid?, I think you can get some at the same place they sell the teflon coated high heat reversable muffler bearings, which my bike just happens to nead right now.
I hear they save the bike from scratches if you go down.
silver grey is the fastest because it reflects the most light. From what i have seen the 02 black has flake in the paint.
Ok don't start this again. If I remember correctly this...
is one of the fastest color schemes.

Well, I will have to agree with Revlis on this. However, he forgot to mention the ability of the '02 black busa to absorb the photons of light rather than reflecting them as any other lighter color would. The reason why this would make the black busa faster is that instead of colliding with the bike, as it would happen on a reflective color, those photons of light are being absorbed and briefly become part of the bike's molecular structure. On a light reflecting colored bike, the collision of the photons will actually tend to inflict a resistance against the displacement of the bike thus effectively slowing it down.

And that my friends is why the '02 LE is the fastest busa color available.



C'ogito ergo zoom!
Sorry Odyssey,
 I hate to tell a senior member they are wrong, but there is NO Flake at all in the US Spec 02 SE GSX1300RK2.  Just plain straight shot Black.  
Thanks for the reminder Gargamel, I forgot about that little bit, I did read that in the "Secret" 02 SE owners manual.  They mentioned that right after explaining the special waxes we need to avoid the degradation of the Radar and Light absorbing qualities.
 One thing I do groove on though is the blacked out Frame and swing-arm, I like the black on black, it looks...Well, tough...

monsterspeedfreak, Yeah I was thinking about picking up some of those muffler bearings as well, would be good to have on hand cause you know what happens when those things suddenly come apart...MAN scary stuff...I have also been having some troubles with my SE's reverse lights, do you know anyone who sells replacement parts for those?
Ok, I'll let you in on a little secret, I have helium in my tires to reduce the unsprung weight. Had to buy a lot of balloons at the carnival though.
Heh, Better Helium Than Hydrogen I suppose....<span style='color:red'><span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%'>BOOM!</span></span>
OK TJFAST I can't hold it any longer...

Little black bottle of Jack Daniels maybe, cause the only way you could possibly believe your color is faster then the "All Black" is if you have been boozing!!
For those of you that thinks absorbing light makes something faster, its the otherway around. When ANY object absorbs light, it is converted to heat energy, thus causing the molecules of the paint to expand, thus distoring the overall shape of the bike and distorting its aerodynamics. This is easily proven by the laws of thermodynamics and modern quantum physics.
In other words, silver/grey is the fastest in terms of Stock vs. Stock. beyond stock vs stock, the HP, Torque, weight, length, tire pressure, power adders such as Turbo, NOS, Superchargers, and fuel additives will make the difference.
Need I remind everyone the fastest color has already been claimed by Velocity Racing! Bar none, the Blue/Silver is the fastest....................................