Clutch smell.........


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Must be a Busa thing, everytime I ride the beast and bring it up to operating temps I can smell the clutch. Not while I'm riding, but just after I shut the bike down. Is anyone else experiencing this? Never had a bike do this before..............
Are you sure its the clutch? Ours is a wet clutch and sealed in the case. Perhaps its the front brake smoke rising up through the fairing next to the forks? That woud put it right in your face when shutting down. If not, have you checked your fairing panels down near the exhaust to see if they are melting?
You called that one...........I'm melting, I'm melting, (Ks thing sorry). Good advice........thanks Ks.
uh, not to sound dumb or anything... Is melting ok?


If you have a stock set of pipes and they are getting hot enough to melt the fairings, then you may be running very lean or very rich causing the pipe to overheat. Lean can also ruin your engine, so please have it looked at.

My Akrapovic pipes are very close to the fairings but they are not melting.
Melting is very bad............ I'm running a Two-Brothers exhaust system! It is making contact with the lower front fairing and melting........ Dremmel to the rescue!