Clean up tune up


The Watcher
Ok get those oil changes done. Get those bikes cleaned up, get those Busas tuned. I think Spring is getting close for those of us in the North. get those things done now, so you do not loose riding time.
I with you there Ninja. last night i just finished changing my oil and going through my bike. Let the Riding begin!!!
Yep got to do that...Oil thing...And polish up the frame and swingarm...Got work to do...
The long awaited time is at hand. Seems like we've been waiting a long time for you guys to get out again. Time for you guys to get out and do some of the riding too.

Please be careful! And post pics!
Hmmm, it has been close to 60F for the last 2 Sundays and 70F last Monday. Guess that is why I have 325 miles on my brand new bike. The roads suck though, too much sand. I did get to install my new screen, Corbin seats, and wash and wax her. God that SE looks good when she is shiny.
I hear you spring is near that big icberg melted in my back yard now I can get my bike out of the shed,but it will have to wait until I get back from Jamaica mon.
Yep, got the oil changed, coolant changed (Enging Ice), BDE Gen III exhaust, and PCIIIr installed. Now if I can just get the rest of the bike back togather I'll be OK. I'll post some pics of the visible changes when I get her all back to one piece.


Real sandy in Ct this past weekend. Rain today and tomorrow should clean out the old. Can't wait for Super Sunday!!