Check out the new bike..

or here is a pic

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You know that the guy you outbid is mad at you, only $10 bucks thats gotta suck. Very colorful I kind of like. Congratulation
It's sharp dude.. very eye catching and unique. I bet it is quicker than a lifelong virgin in a brothel too!
Man that makes me mad, that bike is so damn nice and at an awesome price. I just spent more on my 99 Busa and was kinda regreting not just getting a GSXR1k instead, now Im really jealous and regretful!

Well good deal for you and at least you dont have to worry about your bike looking like every other GSXR 750/1000 around.

Kinda why I stuck with the Busa as there arent so many.
Thanks for the compliments. I was wondering if I would be bashed for this or not.

I'll post more pics when I get it home, It's in Daytona and my friend in Orlando is going to store it for me till I go down for bikeweek. Unless I get to anxious and pay for shipping.
Let me ride it...It's sharp...It is one of a kind, no misstaking it on the parking lot...
Hey 808, you wouldnt happen to be in Hawaii right now would you? And sold both your Busas here in Hawaii? Just wondering cause 808 is hawaii's area code, and the guy I bought my Busa from had another he was selling...

808 is my race number and also the digital version of my name BOB..

and I wish I was in hawaii. South Dakota is where I call home.
I live just south of Daytona Beach. If you need some help arranging shipping, shoot me an email and I will do what I can.

Very nice, I like the paint too, for something different and flashy. Nice price too! Will be anxiously awaiting a ride report.