cheap oem hayabusa parts??


hello. urgently looking for a few spare parts for a friends' bike who crashed. I used to buy new oem parts from and used to contact our sponsor streetntrack who now doesn't seem to reply. any other source to get them?

need them to be sent to greece though!

if anyone knows of a cheap source that sends international orders please let me know asap! thanks!
for now I need a pair of oem mirrors and a lower right cowling of a 02 black-blue busa.

from time to time i am in need of other suzuki parts, eg for the gsxr, etc that i cannot find on ebay. would be nice to have a steady source of oem suzuki parts.. :/
(vman1300 @ Jul. 12 2007,09:32) I will be glad to help, shoot me a PM or give me a call.

Kevin's the only person I deal with when I need new OEM parts.
I got a buddy that needs a rear cowl for an 06 LE. How much shipped to Evansville Indiana.