Changes to upcoming models

I just bought an 03 last month.(It's got 41 miles on it today) If there are any major changes in 05 I'm trading.
I think the only changes for '04 were the passing lamp trigger switch, and 4-way flashers. Paint scheme changed also. Silver with dark blue accents, and purple with black accents.

Haven't heard of anything coming in '05. Anyone have any ideas or rummors?
crackhead - man you gotta get out and ride some more.

Only 41 miles :eek:

It may not be normal, but I got mine on 10/23/03 and I've got 920 miles on it already. I just bundle up and go. The snow will be here soon enough to end the riding.

We'll have to get together in the spring and go for a ride. I'm just up the road in Kenosha.
When I bought my baby I went on a mission to break her in. I put 600 miles on her in the first week.
Same here got it on 10-29-03 and she's got 700 on her in 2 weeks . Get out more, you ride as much as the Harley posers that come into my shop .
CYCLEERIC - Good job. At least I'm not the only one. I could take offense to that Harley remark, but since I'm NOT a poser, I'll let it slide. :D

My 2000 Electra Glide has just over 30K miles on it. That even with the winters up here, and two carpal tunnel surgeries. I know the exact people you're talking about.

I'm just looking forward to going on one of the Harley rides in my Harley leathers, but riding the busa. Should get some looks, huh? As long as I don't get my a$$ kicked. :D