Hello all new here

Hi there Im new to your board..little about me.. Im an ex R1 owner not by my choice.. I will be getting me a new busa here in the next couple of months...I can wait to get out there again.. cool site...

welcome manic!!

this is a pretty cool site, i think you will like it!! what year/color busa you thinking about getting??? and where you from?? how long riding, etc.... give us all the goods.....

I have been riding for 5 years... on and off...Im looking at a 2002 blue and white at my local dealer..ever since they came out I have had my eye on them..I live in central california... so you know about where I am.. IM a bout 2 hours in a car from LA.. about 1.20 on the R1...I live about half an hour from willow springs race track.. That place rocks..

Right now I am with out a ride. and Im hating ever miniute of it... I hate being stuck in the box I drive to work.. The box I have will be paid for in two months.. and as soon as it is... Im getting a bike again...

The fastest I have ever been was me and my MRs (girlfriend at the time)... 154 two up.. she was complaining about getting blown off the back... cant imagine why....

any way.. that the dirt on me... thanks for the welcome
Thinking about getting a blue/white? 2002...Sure you not on the wrong site? You looking at a Busa or GSXR1000
Either way ...welcome
Both bikes are Fast and Furious


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