Carbon fiber Air duct panels?


The crowbar!
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Anyone seen the air duct panels ( you know those black bumpy plastic pieces that sit by the gas tank and wrap up into the gauges) for sale in carbon fiber or carbon fiber look?
any help would be appreciated.
stay the heck away from the ebay stuff.... is not actual carbon
I got mine from powerbronze (from superbiketoystore I think it was) and I am more than happy, they were on special discount for 219$. good luck :thumbsup:
I have: the front guard; great - the screen; lovely - mirrors; gorgeous - The inners ; dont friggin fit properly (plus 2 others who I know bought them with same problem) - The rear cowling; crap doesnt fit and clips underneath ****e thats my experiance with MR. The gear is much better quality than most of the stuff on Ebay but some of the moulds are dodgy and require a fair bit of mucking around to make sorta fit (look on AU Bus site to see same issues from others)

not sure what air duct panes you are talking of though