Cameron Diaz won the lottery?


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I think I heard on the radio today that Cameron Diaz won the California lotto. Any of you Californians have any info to confirm this? Just funny to hear another movie star in the news besides the Govenator...

2003 is going to be know as "The year of the Hollywood Celebrity" if this stuff keeps up!

What next??
On the one hand I should be happy for her on the other hand ... THAT SUCKS!

( found this )

Hollywood's Cameron Diaz has reportedly scored $5,000 in the Californian lottery.
The actress earned a staggering $20 million for her role in "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle," but she was still tempted by a $2 lottery ticket during a recent visit to an L.A. convenience store, according to gossip columnist Liz Smith.

Smith reports Diaz matched enough numbers and won $5,000.
yank yank only $5k I was thinkin more like 10mil or so.....
yeah me 2, just heard she won the lottery on the radio. Didn't realize it was just a ticket. She prolly spends that much on lipstick...