'Busa trailer hitch

Thanks for the pics, that will be helpful. I like this basic design of hitch, but I need to be able to adapt it to the n-line brand of trailer. The 3rd wheel trailer, uni-go etc. are too small for my needs.

So anybody that has pics of hitches that are axle mounted, I would love to see them. Post'em here or pm them to me.

Thanks in advance guys.



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This is probably one of the best third wheel trailers I've seen. However from my experience talking with other third wheel owners. If you plan on doing some local riding in the areas you plan on visiting for a few days it can be more of a headache to take along on a trip.

Most of the Goldwing riders I see usually keep their third wheels hooked to the bike the whole time being fearfull the trailer will grow three legs (stolen) if left unattended. Unattached parked at their campsite or hotel.

Just thought I give my two cents on the matter.

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