busa headlight decal?


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busa light decal

These have been on here. I think that there are 2 different ones. Feedback says that they do not obstruct the light much at all. If I recall correctly, they have little pin holes that let the light thru.

I kind of like them...anyone that has one, please let us know if they affect the light at all...they look like they wouldn't obstruct too much...
eh.. I think it's silly, over the top, busa-pimpism, but I figure you guys would like them!  hahahahaha  :p   :)
Still searching for the busa embossed rivits and the silk wrapped brake lines.  Anyone downloaded the Hayabusa song yet?

Busa Song

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It works fine. I have it on my Busa, and it doesn't obstruct the light at all. It's like putting on tint with little small holes in the decal. Not good to use with the new neon headlights though, due to they're hotter than the standard halogen bulb.
Speaking of those blue headlights, did I read here somewhere that the 100 watters would melt the plastic on the bike. I've been contemplating getting a pair, but this has held me back on it. They are All OVER E-bay. Anyone have these? what's the story?
I attached my decal on a headlight cover instead of directly on the lens ... it doesn't obstruct the light.

Happy Happy Joy Joy :D I kinda like the cover and they really don't block the light from what I have been told.