Busa Grips


I've seen a really nice set of Hayabusa grips but I haven't been able to find them anywhere. The grips have the asian busa symbol across them, but I don't know if they're gel grips or not. Anyone have any info on these things?
I think I've also seen 'em on eBay under motorcycle parts & accessories.

www.58cycle.com has some that I like better than the ones I've seen with the Kanji. I think the ones at the link below are the ones you are talking about.

busa grips

Here's a pic of the ones I like better...

Are you talking about these grips? They are pretty easy to find on ebay. That is where I got mine along with the matching tank protector. No, they aren't really what you might consider gel grips, but I really haven't had any bad experience with them yet. If you are looking for more of a gel feel, then they might not be what you are looking for. But, I think they do feel slightly better than stock, and look 10 times better than the stockers.

Nice set of grips but the throttle one could fit a little better. Ends up with a gap between the switch controls and grip flange. They feel great and definitely look better than stock!

justin post a pic of the throttle at the same angle you did the clutch side....I want to see this "huge" gap you talk about before I get some.
Didn't say it was a "huge" gap, just a gap. I will take a photo of it tomorrow when it is light out and post it. Even with the gap, glad I bought them. looks good with the levers and mirrors, and feels good.
See ya tomorrow! :D
Here you go. Will probably take a black Sharpie marker to it to help hide. Does not stand out as much as the photo shows.

ahh thats not "tooooo" bad...........but still noticable....hmmmm..maybe some black paint would do the trick