busa brakes

We all know they suck compared to what is standard on new bikes. Has anyone swapped out master cyls? There is some info in the other web site but of course its dwn right now.
I have changed pads , lines and levers..... Im about 1/2 way to where they should be. sj
There is a Brembo upgrade kit with 4pad 4 piston calipers and brackets on Ebay all the time for under $400. You could also swap out your forks for 03/04 GSXR1K forks and get radial calipers. One plus to my Ohlins forks is that I could buy different lowers for the forks and get radial mounts, only like $1000


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I have no problem with my brakes......Why such a fuss over the aftermarket ones?Are they that much better? I can lock mine up anytime, not that it's a good thing?but I can't imagine more powerful brakes..


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I swapped to the EBC HH and a set of Braking wave rotors front and rear and got some good gains in the braking dept. Lines from Goodridge will be next as well as a fluid change
I went to EBC hh pads and Carbotech SS braided lines with used master cylinder (tore up my old one when I flipped bike) and I saw immediate gains in braking power and less brake fade making hi-speed slow-downs (150+ to uhhh...legal speeds
My next step will be some Wave rotors but a friend has them says not much better braking just lighter stronger components than OEM.