BunBurner Gold Viability in the Midwest

Dr. Gonzo

So every 1,500 mile round trip I plan from Appleton, WI puts me at 22.5 hours of drive time (per Google Maps) leaving about an hour and a half for gas/bathroom/food/etc... For instance:


If you figure about 10-15 stops for gas at a minimum of 5 minutes per stop, I use up between 50 minutes and an hour and 15 minutes. Assuming perfect traffic conditions, that leaves at most half an hour for the rest. I could probably gain a few minutes by going 5-10 over, but the IBA will supposedly push back on any route that isn't 'legally' possible in the alloted time. On a cruiser with a bigger tank I could see cutting stops in half and maybe having some more wiggle room.

Now, if I plan a similar route from the west cost (straight shot on I80 for instance) I can get it down to 21.5 hours of drive time:


It seems pretty obvious that the faster speed limits out west are the major factor.

So question being, has anyone done this from the midwest and, if so, any pointers at making this work? Am I contemplating the near impossible on a sport bike with our relatively short fuel range?

I always carry a spare gas can in the tail bag when I do long road trips. Maybe check with IBA if OK to do so for a BB Gold ride?? And you're right, doing most of the trip on straight/flat freeways will help a lot. Best of luck :)
Hey kromdom, IBA says no more than 11 gallons and no more than 300 miles between fillups so think I'm ok there. I like the idea of the ones that plum into the fuel system as an extra 3 gallons would get me a range of just under 300 mile and decrease my stops almost in half. I'm just not sure I want anything that permanent. If I carry spare cans then I'd still have to pull off to fill from them. Nice for touring emergencies, but not sure if it will save enough time to get me under 24 hrs... would be cool if someone made a 'tank extender' that locked into the existing fuel cap as passthrough and gave the extra capacity. Like a fuel tank bag or something. :)

Hayabusa4life, thinking next spring probably. After just finishing the SS1000 think the wife would be annoyed if I took another weekend day away for the BB 1500. Heheh... Going to be a busy season since I'm prepping my '07 for a try at the 200mph club. After those are both done I'm not sure what else is out there to shoot for.