Bridgestone launches a new tire BT003RS


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As a rider who rides trackdays as much as on the street, I love bridgestone's race tires(BT003) and their hybrid tire(BT002RS) for colder days.

Now they've just launched a new hybrid tire called the BT003RS!! As the BT002RSs were awesome, I can only imagine that the BT003RSs will be even better.

For you other trackday guys, here's a link;

MotoGP Riders Help Bridgestone Launch New Streetbike Tire In Spain News Article //

The Battlax BT-003RS is designed to provide outstanding street and track-day performance for all sports motorcycles from 250cc on, giving riders of all abilities the chance to experience the grip performance of Bridgestone’s MotoGP multi-layer compound technology.
The BT-003RS is a street tyre that is also at home on the circuit. It is designed to work from very low temperatures, giving good performance and safety for the regular street user even in cold conditions, yet as Randy, Niccolo and the 89 attending media demonstrated, Bridgestone’s MotoGP expertise means it is also a high-performing and consistent track-day tyre.
I was told by the bridgestone rep they hope to have the BT003RS on the shelf by June. Sounds like a great tire! I just bought a set of 002's and I'm sure they will work great for street use as well as track days.
Thought you might like these videos from the launch:

- MotoGP rider Niccolo Canepa close-up on-board[/url] - great on-board following Niccolo Canepa

- Niccolo Canepa Bridgestone Battlax BT 003RS launch[/url] - Niccolo Canepa hot lap of Almeria

- J McWilliams pillion hot lap at Almeria[/url] - pillion hot laps with Jeremy McWilliams

now that is some up close and personal video... race pace on the tire looked like a lot of fun.. bit scary but fun :)

Riding Pillion? just not sure I could do that..
Wow Charles, thanks for the heads up, it looks like I know what my next set of tires will be! Doyle
The BT-oo2RS takes everything that Lamb has thrown at it without flinching. The racetrack at Miller, streets of Willow, and over 3,000 miles on the street. Man, those 003's are gonna be sweet. The best part is the price. These tires are routinely $75-100 less per pair that similar Pirellis.
I ran the BT003RS at the track for the first time this weekend at Hallett. Hallett doesn't have the most tire friendly of surfaces and the temps rose into the high 80s/low 90s in the afternoon. The tires did exceptionally well even when my poor race line took my through the slick spot in turn 9. The BT003 is very predictable on the track. I do not have any street experience with them.

Tire pressure. I started the day at 30 front/30 rear. After a couple of spirited sessions, the reat tire was showing signs of overheating. I bumped the pressure up to 32 Rear/30 front. Those pressures in these tires worked very well for me. These have 9 sessions on them plus some siding laps.


Loved my bt002's! On pilot pures now and not feeling it....will be going back to bridgestones when there gone!:rulez::whistle: