Bodywork Problem


Hey people,

My rear tail bodywork continually separates from the fender allowing it to shift and buckle. Those six pop rivets from Suzuki fail, and at 2.85 ea. they are a bitch to replace.

I've started using the Home depot version which are less expensive but it still doesn't solve my problem- Anyone else experiencing this or have a possible solution?
Try the ones from Lowe's. You need to cut them down a bit, but they should work well.
I got under the tail this morning and found the main bolt on the left side of the rear tail has worked itself free. I wondered what that ping sound was on I-495 about a month ago.

Once I replace that and the rivets I should be good to go. Its amazing the domino effect one bolt can have on your whole bike.
This may sound stupid; but did you bolt the rear section down to the frame , are you lifting on the rear section for any reason like sliding the bike alittle over in the garage to make room for something ?  I cant see how the stock push rivet would pop out unless of course you did not  install them correctly .  They holes may be stripped (Stretched) and no longer have that snug tight fit?  This usually happen when Peeps get the Busa for the first time and pull the rivets out incorrectly instead of the push and pull procedure . If so then you need to get the larger diameter push rivets from Lowes or Home depot.  Good luck
Never touched the bodywork, maybe it just vibrated out. Under the rear cowl there are two bolts left and right of the storage area. The left is gone. It's diameter is smaller than the bolts that hold the rail but larger than the bolts that hold the seat in place. I'll take the remaining one out and get it sized correctly at Lowes. A coat of clear nail polish on the threads should be enough to keep it tight until I want to break it loose.

I had bolts vibrate out of my GS 1100 all of the time. Sometimes ya gotta do maintenance.

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