BMC Air filters


I just ordered a BMC race filter from BMC Home Has anyone used this place before? I got it for $98, is that good? This is one thing on the net that I really couldn't find to many places to compare prices!

Hopefully it doesn't take long to get!!!

Thanks for any input!

A couple options for you...

Here's the page for the BMC busa filter...

Another option... Website is Gone

They don't have much of an online shopping set-up so I can't point you to their page with price and info. I've bought mailorder from (frame sliders) and in person at (oil, Canyon Dancer Straps, Pit Bull Newfront, Shoei dark smoke shield) and have no complaints. Haven't mailordered from 1888fastlap since they're about thirty minutes from my house so I can't comment on their online service.

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