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great turn out for the Bike Blues & BBQ this past weekend in Fayetteville, AR. They say attendance was over 80,000, close to 17,000 bikes. 80% Harley or clones, only saw 6 other busas!! The local sport bike contingent was there, stuck together pretty tight. Even the loudest D&D's couldn't compete with the pure poop I heard all weekend long. Gasoline-converted to loud noise without that pesky horsepower byproduct was never so apparent... especially at the dyno. Some big fat smak talker wanted to put his S&S pile on the dyno right after a gsxr1000 posted 145 hp. Do these people just live in denial? I had to cover my ears, moms pulling crying babies from the scene as the pile barely made it to 82 hp @ about 600 decibles. The dude was ready to kick the dyno folks ass cause "you fuckers anit doing it right... wow. Funny thing though, on the road they would not mess with the busa, even when we were two up... reminded me of my wife's poodle when the cat is in the room> Casually look at the ceiling in total denial. Cat? what cat? About 6 PM Saturday, a police led motorcade came down Dixon st, you would have thought it was Bush.... 20,000 people went running, screaming Jessie James...scared me, looked like a dagerous situation...but we did get a chance to met him later, to tell you the truth, I think he was a little freaked out by the crowd as well. Not enough security for the rush. All in all, a very good festival....
Poor Harley saps. I like Harley's and have no problem with them or people that ride them (well, ok except for the fact that they are way overpriced and poorly made). But most of the Harley riders I know are intelligent and realize that their machines cannot even come close to what even a 600cc sportbike can turn out, powerwise. And when it comes to comparisons to big bore sportbikes like a Busa, it's laughable.

Whenever I hear some dimwit talking smack about how a Harley or even a $30K+ custom twin cruiser could beat those "crotch rocket toys" I don't know whether to laugh or politely ask them to put their money where their mouth is. But I always remember what mom said, never argue with a fool as onlookers cannot tell you apart.

Gee let's see.

Harley Dyna Glide Sport - 86HP (if you're lucky), 78ft/lbs
Hayabusa - 160HP (or more), 99ft/lbs

Yeah, I'll take that bet you nimrod.
Yes EAKBusa your right on the money here but don't forget the other stat that defines performance besides HP and torque:

Dynaglide - 750Lbs dry
Busa - 480Lbs dry (stock, many are lighter)

Drag racing a built HD Dynaglide with a stock Busa would be like pulling away from a parked car at 1/2 throttle. NO CONTEST.
Of course I would not argue with a custom built drag Dynaglide but I am talking a street ride versus a street ride (no turbos or NOS etc.). Any engine can be juiced up considerably with the knowhow and the parts.

I think the real issue here is that HD owners feel the strong torque of a big twin and think that that relates to performance. Not necessarily true. A HD or HD clone big twin has lots of torque but it is down low and then the engine quickly peters out and all the while making only marginal HP. When you ride one down the street and pull from a stop light, yeah it is right torquey, at least for a few seconds before you have to up-shift, but again you quickly shift thru to 5th (no 6th on a stock HD tranny) and you are out of steam and only doing 90-100 not to mention how long it took to get to that speed.

Not trying to pick an arguement with HD or any other cruisers just pointing out they are not apples to oranges so don't even try to compare. But yes a purpose-built drag HD motor can keep up with a stock Busa or even beat it. That was not the question here I don't think.
just found out what Jessie was in Arkansas for, it seems he delivered two new bikes to a couple of Wal-Mart high rollers, both were down at the festival, man-o-man, he does put together a beautiful machine....I'm going to glue some shell casings to the busa (he,he,he)
cache, this is sport bike heaven over here, but you may be right on the heat thing, can get pretty warm. Don't know about M. Home, I'm a transplant from Colorado and NWA is as far as I have gone. All I know is that the roads over here are great and there are some awsome rides and riders....
mtn home is north central arkansas... between lake norfork and bull shoals lake...
I went to high school there

but just imagine 16yrs old, just got drivers license, and having nothing but super twisty roads EVERYWHERE!!! :D