Best way to sell Hayabusa? and Current Value?


Guys, my employment world has sort of fallen apart the last few months. I'm in hi-tech, and the jobs are VERY scarce.

So, I need to sell my beloved 02 silver Hayabusa. It's mint, and has only 1207 miles on it, so I should do ok selling it, but my question is HOW best to do it.

When I was young, and didn't know any better, and had lots of time, when I needed to sell a bike I used to just place a classifed ad in the local newspaper, and generally had it done in a couple of days time.

Since then though, I've realized the risk you take when some punk claiming to be a potential buyer shows up and demands a test ride. When he leaves your driveway, how do you know he is not going to abuse the bike, steal it, or worst of all, crash it, leaving me with no salable bike and a BIG insurance problem? And, even if the potential buyer is legit, how long might I need to wait until he/she gets their financing in place?

My Hayabusa is really mint, I owe considerable money on it still, and I really want to do this properly and safely.

I've thought about a couple of approaches.

(1) Run the newspaper ad, and when I get a potential buyer simply point out that they can inspect the bike physically, and can see that it has only 1200 miles on it, so clearly there is no mechanical problem, because I could have got it fixed if there were, and simply not allow a test ride.

(2) Sell the bike wholesale to a dealer, as there are no hassles there, and I would get paid for it (minus the lien of course) on the spot.


Also, what is my bike currently worth (a) to an end buyer on a private sale, and (b) wholseale to a dealer?
Sorry to hear about your situation........

you can try cycletrader is good place

on here under the forsale

and is another place to post

as far as letting someone ride the bike
is best to tell them You will take them for a test ride or show the money up front you hold the money and they ride the bike as the old saying goes "YOU BREAK IT YOU BOUGHT IT "

if you can get a web page done for ya a easy one with some good pic seems to help as well

Good luck ........Jace
u can usually weed out the test pilots . when I sold my last gixxer 750 ,I rode with the guy. Can u borrow a buds bike to do the same . The other thing you can do is ride them on the back to the shop of their choice for a full inspection an ride by qualified techs . Have it MINT clean . I sold a bike to a guy last year , he came in , saw how I keep my shop , looked at the bike , sat on it , and said "Ill take it". No qwibbling over price , I hadn't even started it up yet . The other idea...EBAY . Maybe sum1 from another part of the world will buy it off ya . My condolences on yer work situ.
I am in Austin, texas.

I have not yet talked to my dealer about a fair price for a private sale (my dealer is closed Mondays).

I am realistic. I know I am going to lose a lot of money despite the low miles.

But, the bike IS well and truly MINT. For example, it has never seen rain. Since my rides run a minimum of 80 to as many 160 miles, it has actually only been out of the garage 8 to 15 times since I bought it a year ago.

Extras: center stand, official color matched Shoei helmet, and ABUS Granit disk lock (best compact lock I could find).

What do you think is fair?

Jim G
This may be the last year for the Busa. My dealer who now has 700 bikes in stock (ain't no small player) say's they aren't selling and also say's this could be the last year for the Busa. The speed thing is mute so the demand for the Busa is about GONE. Every year it is restricted more and more so it's losing it's luster FAST. The GSXR1000 along with the big Kaw is a better bike now. The Busa is 5 years old and NEW and better bikes are in the showrooms for customers. Call it a Blackbird or a ZZR-1100 because it is in the class of sport touring bikes now. Victory is fleeing and the Busa has had its day. If you want to lose a bunch of money, buy a new Busa cause used ones are getting cheaper all the time. The likes of the GSXR1000 will end up smoking a STOCK Busa in the future. The champ has been defeated, it is a fact.
Hank: With all due respect, you are way off base.

I knwo why I bought my Hayabusa: there is NOTHING else quite like it. I looked at and tried The Blackbird, the CBR900RR, the GSX1000, the Kawasaki, etc.

The Hayabusa is a unique bike, and I wish I didn't need to sell mine. I think I'm going to regret selling it years later, just as I regret ever selling some previous "special bikes I owned: a Norton Roadster, a Yamaha RZ350, a Kawasaki H2, an original Honda 500 Interceptor in red/white/blue, an original (93) Honda 900RR, and an early Kawasaki GPZ500.

Those bikes made HISTORY with their impact, AND were special to ride, even years after they were "superceded". The Hayabusa is following in those same footsteps.

I've owned 27 motorcycles, and the Busa is by far the strongest AND the easiest to ride, and it just plain takes my breath away. If you had 35 years of riding experience like I do, you'd understand what I'm talking about.
Well guys, I'm doing it.

I've placed an ad on the "classified" board here, and I'm going to run a local newspaper ad.

It's been a reallynice experience owning this motorcycle, but sometimes you just have to be realistic about finances.

Spook1: See my ad for the details, but I think $8595 is sensible. If you don't agree, contact me and let me know why.

Jim G
Tel. 612-270-7645 (cell)
Just my .02 I do think the day of the big sport bikes are about over. I do think there will be the naked sport bikes like the Aprilla Tuono or Ducati Monster, the track bike want to be's like the GS1000, and then various "sport tourers" which will mean heavier bikes with moderatly high grunt factor. I also think the "multi-use" bikes like the BMW GS1150 and Ducati Multistrada will be increasingly hot. I talked to my local Suzuki dealer and he told me that a 2002 busa will be discounted by at least 2k from new price...(he is selling the busa at $9600.(03) I don't want to pee on your parade but I do think you have your bike overpriced at least a grand or so. But hey, good luck to you.
Spook1: Apparently your dealer and the two I have talked with see the situation differently, and there IS a reason for it.

The first one I talked with is the dealer from whom I bought the bike. He says I should start at $8900, fairly readily get $8500, and under no circumstances sell for less than $8000 on a private sale. He says he would buy it wholesale normally, but has 600 four whellers and bikes in inventory right now (way over his normal) and therefore has to pass. He referred me to a second dealer though.

The second dealer is very interested in buying it wholesale, and wants to see it as soon as it stops raining here in Austin. He says he will pay $7500 wholesale for it if it is as I describe. And, in that scenario, I still have the accessories that I can sell individually and get at least some money for in addition.

I notice you live in Minnesota, where I used to live. Motrocycles ARE worth less there, because of the very limited riding season. Here in Austin, people ride all year round, as the daily highs in January are normally high 50s to mid 60s.

That also I think explains why new Hayabusas here sell at dealerships at $10,000 or more (when I bought mine last season, the BEST price I could find looking in a 500 mile radius was $9995, EVEN after I had indicated to each dealer that I also would be buying almost $1300 in high margin accessories!

So, I figure I shoudl give the ad here on the classifieds a chance to work, then maybe a local news paper ad, and I've always got the second dealer as a wholesale backup for quick sale.

As for the $9600 "deal" your dealer proposed, consider the following:

(1) Has he actually OFFERED the bike to you at $9600 AND no hidden extras (e.g. adding a setup charge to the quoted price)

(2) Even if he IS willing to do it, his deal does not include a $450 color matched Shoie helemt, $100 optional sidestand (price it at your dealer, and then ask him to install it "for free" - 2 hours work for a skilled mechanic - requires removal and replacement of the exhaust system to get it on!), an ABUS Granit disklock (VERY expensive, because it's VERY theft resistant), and both the hardcopy and physical service manuals.

(3) His "deal", in addition to not including $650 to $700 worth of accessories, is STILL $1000 above my asking price, and my bike has only 1207 miles on it.

(4) Why didn't you go for his deal on the new bike?

I don't want to be greedy on the price, but I also see no reason to underprice it. That would be unfair to me, and with my employment situation, also my famly. Of course I will consider serious offers, but only if they are backed up by cash in hand, with the buyer seriously ready to buy the bike.

Jim G
Hank! What the heck are you thinkin? You & I have agreed on lots of stuff in the past but since you sold your Busa your brain is melting...
jus kiddin but take it easy on the Busa bashing bud. - Kent
The $9600 price includes set-up and delivery. No Tax or licence. He does have a grey and silver on the floor and it can be mine for that price, no smoke or mirrors. He will sell me a 40th Anniversary for $150 above that price (he has 2 coming. A dealer in the Twin Cities is advertising the busa for $9450. including set-up and delivery. I am not arguing with your price, hey get what you can and more power to you, but just pointing out the issue of new bike competition, especially on a high-performance motorcycle that most folks can't afford to insure, much less buy. Granted our riding season is shorter than those "down south", but that is the cross one must bear living in the great white north. I would be careful in listening to dealers...any dealer, because they are out for a buck, nothing more. If your dealer thinks the bike is worth xxxx then, fine consign it through him and tell him he can keep anything over that price. Bet he squirms when approached with that proposition. You and I have both played those games before. Bottom line when all is said, is money talks, bullshit walks. Good luck to you in your sale. Spook
I sold the Hayabusa this morning to the second dealer I mentioned above.

I rode it down there, he took a 1 minute look at its condition, and bought it on the spot. I came home with the difference between my loan and what he paid.

He paid me $7700 wholesale, and I got to keep all the accessories except the color matched helmet.

Anyone out there who would like to buy the hardcopy service manual, the CD ROM service manual, or the ABUS Granit disklock?

Jim G
Man, i'm sorry about your job situation and the sell of your busa.

I agree with your assessment of the hayabusa. Its heyday is over, as occurs with most bikes, cars, and almost anything else in life. However, the hayabusa is a legend, and will continue to be a classic. In days to come when the 1000's, 750, have become outdated in terms of performance, and styling. The hayabusa will be remembered as the fastest sportsbike ever made, as well as the bike that single handily caused the restriction of speed wars. Moreso similiar to the ducati's, nortons, etc it will be remembered for its unique and original styling. The bike which appeared as an ugly duckingly that turned into a beautiful swan, no one ever ask what kind of bike that is when you roll up on a busa.. Ultimately, like all things it'll be surpassed in terms of performance, utility, and comfort, but it will always remain a LEGEND!
Here are the accessories I have left to sell:

ABUS Granit disk lock $55
Hardcopy service manual & CD version also $23
Meridian Tyvek "Reflectra" waterproof but breathable cover $45

Jim G
I sold the Hayabusa this morning to the second dealer I mentioned above.

Jim G
My condolences to you my brother . Selling the Busa . I can think of nothing worse . I hope this solves yer $$$$ problems. May YOUR god in his/her infinate wisdom cast a shining light upon you . May you only be temporarily without the gods most awesome blessing . May you not have to endure such pain for long . May one day complete happiness and total fulfillment once again be yours . My deepest sympathies and condolences .
..........I would like to now ask that we all observe a moment of silence......
We will always be here for you my brother . We ask only one thing . Should your financial circumstances ever change,and you once again wish to enjoy the freedom,want to fly on the wings of angels,want to soar like an' eagle ( or in this case fly like the Peregrine Falcon ) we only beseach thee to hold one promise....thou shalt never be tempted to ride the horror....the sheer ugliness....the devil's own bike....yes...THE GREEN MONSTER.....the ....I'm afraid to even say it....the apporition....the ... Kawasaki Ninja . AHHHHHGGGGG.