Need advice on how to sell a crashed bike


Long story short, my brother crashed my bike ('05 busa, 17k miles), and I need to sell it. It went down pretty bad, and will need pretty much all fairings and the tank replaced. The engine, frame, forks, wheels, tires, and brakes are all ok. No insurance claim put through, so the title is clean. Just looking to cut my loss on it.

The question is, should I part it out, or sell it complete? I would rather just sell it as a complete bike. I'm sure that with $1000 or less in parts, it would be a good, clean-looking runner. I'm not really looking to do the rebuild myself, as I don't have the time. Also, should I just take all the plastic off so potential buyers can inspect the frame and engine, or would that look more off-putting?

Thanks for any advice.
Yeah post up some decent pics of the complete bike and I'm sure the experts will give their honest opinions On What they think it's worth :thumbsup:
Just sell it to your brother - he crashed it , right?

I hope the wasn't hurt - but if he was at fault, then he needs to take some responsibility.

NO insurance? Maybe you guys without insurance should come and live in my state - as it is a crime to
operate a vehicle without insurance. If you can't afford insurance then don't ride or drive. It's the price you have to pay.
I too think you should buy some inexpensive fairings and replace the crashed ones. The curb appeal of a bike is worth a lot of money, and the time invested would be minimal, an afternoon or a Saturday if you're a slow mechanic.

Just because he didn't file an insurance claim doesn't mean he doesn't have insurance. It just keeps the insurance company from totaling the bike, and potentially retains a lot of value that way vs a totaled bike. (at least I think). Plus since it was in family, his rates don't go up, and there's less bad blood.

I'd have the brother pony up the $ for the fairings, then sell the bike if I was dead set on selling it. But yeah, until pictures are posted, who knows just how bad the crash was!
You should try out some fairings for your bike at affordable prices. if you like them it would be a great deal for your bike & a money saving deal. Waiting for the pics.
Didn't get the chance for pics yet, hopefully tonight. I did look the bike over, and here is a comprehensive list of what it needs:
  • Fairings, undertail, and stay (except for right side fairing, which has no damage)
  • Rear cowl or seat
  • Tank (doesn't leak, but banged up bad)
  • Left rider and passenger pegs
  • Radiator (has a very small hole in the fins - could possibly be repaired)
  • Wiring harness (already have one on order, wires are damaged, so bike doesn't start right now)
  • Stator cover (already on order)
  • Cluster (works, but tabs broke off)
  • Left mirror
  • Left fork (fork is straight, but it leaked. Don't know for sure if it's just the seal or other damage)

I checked the fame very carefully, and there are no cracks or dents. There are a few scuffs on it, but nothing major. Same for the swingarm. The wheels are straight with almost new rubber on them. The front and rear brakes are fine. The bike has a clean title. I priced the complete list of items needed, and it was under $1000 (around $850 on ebay and craigslist).

Just to address a few of the earlier posts:
  • Yes, the bike was insured, but for liability only. So I don't get anything from the insurance company.
  • My brother's knee and hand got messed up, so he won't be riding any time soon. I'm not asking him to repay me because he can't work for a couple months, and needs to save every penny he can.
  • I've decided to also take a break from riding. My brother got hit by a car (the crash wasn't his fault). It really got me to re-evaluate the risk vs. reward of riding. For me, I think it's time to focus on some of my other hobbies.

Hope this addresses everything. Pics will be up soon.
ya do not jb weild the radiator. These bikes have a hard enough time staying cool without rigging it. Fix it properly specially if you are selling. Dont rig it and dump it on someone.
Someone on the forum JUST posted parts for sale - I remember seeing a Gas tank for I think $75? Check it out quick, that will save a ton 'cause those things are expensive!