Best Run Yet

went to the track tonight for test n tune. ran a bet of 9.53. The slip read

r/t .045
60 ft 1.476
330 4.017
1/8 6.142
mph 114.50
1000 7.996
1/4 9.573
mph 142.55

took out a zx14 which put the topping on my cake tonight

gen 1. 16/42 gears. muzzy full. power cmd. 6 in stretch

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!


Lily's Daddy
I agree the 60 foot is good...did you do this run without an air shifter? if so thats some real fast movement getting your feet back on the pegs:thumbsup:
Care to share your launch technique? What rpm do you stage at? That is a pretty good 60ft. What tire are you using? Air pressure? Shift points? Sorry if that is too many questions. I am always looking to learn.
I'm launching at about 5000rpms sliding the clutch, running a shinko 190 ultra soft at 15lbs. shifting about 10,800. I'm always looking to improve myself.
Thanks, I asked because our times are close :thumbsup:. I ran my Shinko this weekend at 14psi launching a bit lower with same gearing as you. I am going up to a 44 this weekend so I can get my 60ft lower. I am still in the high 1.5s. Where you at in Ga. We were racing in Phenix City this weekend.

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