Beautiful ride through northern Virginia with pics


Perfect weather this weekend here in northern Virginia. Started wandering westward from the 'burbs near DC in a generally southwest direction towards the Shenandoah mountains. Soon the two lane roads turned to one lane roads. Then the roads lost their shoulders, and finally the stripes down the center. A couple roads turned into dirt and some of them just plain ended. Couple pics attached from my cellphone....

SSPX0016 [800x600].jpg

SSPX0018 [800x600].jpg

SSPX0019 [800x600].jpg

SSPX0021 [800x600].jpg

SSPX0025 [800x600].jpg

SSPX0029 [800x600].jpg
Makes me wish I would have thrown my leg over mine and rode it yesterday! Now it's storming at my house, so no riding today!
those are just like the roads we take to DC every year for rolling thunder from pa wonder if they are the same ones or not lol
Thanks, folks!

Nice pics....makes me wish I were there again!
Lots of incredible country up your way. I worked in Cambridge, MA when we were first married. My wife and I rode all over Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, even up to Quebec and around the Gaspe Peninsula. Stunning places to ride, but the season is pretty short. :(

Damn, nice pics for a celly. What model are you shooting with?
My new Samsung Rant. It's better than I expected. A million times better than my old Motorola Razr. But it was the places, not the camera. Those pics were when I felt I just had to stop, which was hard when there were so many great twists and turns! :D
Last edited:'d be hard to find a more beautiful landscape to ride through, anywhere!! Thanks for sharing!:thumbsup: