Beats headphones


I love mine and use them all the time, I have the HD studio pros. when I worked the oil patch in northern Canada I shopped by price :banghead:
anyone else have a set of ridiculous headphones they use?
anyone got some serious fab skills and can put my headphones into my helmet??
I'd love to have this quality while riding, it would be like being in my car for tunes but way better.
I know that would make my helmet essentially useless for side protection and I wouldn't want to wear in on long highway runs but in town at low speeds, I'd use it daily to and from work.
Honestly anyone think they can pull it off nicely ?
I you can get the headband off I'm sure you could just velvro them into the ear hole
I would also like to fab up some type of ear phones inside my helmet. Get tired of using the ear plugs that came with a cell phone years ago. First off the cord is annoying as fawk, then the ear buds tend to fall out of place when riding at times.

Maybe some nice Bose ear phones inside my helmet would be sweet. But needs to be bluetooth capable to ditch the cord.
I have 2 videos I think this is what your asking about[video][/video]
The second video is using a chatterbox

I wish it was as easy as remove the headband. the casing for the speakers isn't exactly small and I have a feeling much like a sub box, that the casing contributes quite a bit to the sound quality. I'm surprised no one in the helmet world has thought of this and built in good headphones from factory. I'd pay the extra for that.
i specifically use the type that goes into your ears....not the buds...those hurt... and i buy from radio shack the type that is just the part that goes into the ear and the "ball" with no stiff wire section connected. i find that that stiff section causes it to pop out or move around once you put the helmet on. i pay only about 15 bucks for them. and they are noise canceling also. so wind noise is cut down dramatically. i dont have to turn them up very loud to hear pretty clear.
Pic of them

I use skull candy ear phones. I use the smaller back ear phones. They tend to fall out sometime, but when they do stay in, they provide awesome sound with bass and noise cancellation.
Klipsch S4i series make in ear headphones so small that you can wear them all day under a helmet...for droid or IOS,,,

Nice. I think that beats headphones are okay, however I like the Sol Republic headphones a lot more now. They're a lot better in terms of quality and value for the price. As far as having some headphones in your helmet, try to pick up some earbud headphones.. that'll fit under your helemet and alllw you decent enough quality tunes.
I have tried several ear bud style headphones, I still prefer the banded style for noise cancellation, comfort and quality. my biggest problem is that everytime I pull the helmet on the ear buds pull out. I've tried everything from the iPhone 5 in ear buds, to skull candy, and typical style ear buds. all keep pulling out: I have the sema smh-05 in my helmet and it's okay, more of an intercom then a music system