AZ Highway Patrol - 14 Mile Chase


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True Story:

About 20 years ago, I lived in Tucson, AZ and worked at San Manual, AZ, north of Tucson. It was about a 25 - 30 minute ride to work on a hot (for then) Kaw 750 Triple down a straight desert highway with little traffic except for others like me who were bound for work at a huge copper mine in San Manual. It was a nice, warm Sunday morning and I settled into a comfortable cruise groove at about 95. The three cylinder Kaw hummed crisply and life was good. I came upon a line of cars ahead of me going the same direction and leaned out to pass--I could see for several miles with no on-coming traffic. They were running at about the speed limit (70) and I just cruised around them still going about 95. As I was about to pass the last, leading car, I glanced over at the driver and he was frantically pointing behind me. I looked in the mirror and... an Arizona trooper was rapidly approaching my tail with his lights flashing. Oh poop!

I pulled over, removed my helmet and prepared myself for the ass-chewing and ticket that would surely follow, maybe even arrest. He ran up to me, trembling heavily and red-faced with anger and adrenalin. He said "I've been chasing you for 14 miles and had to run over 125 to catch you!" Ohhhh, double poop! I couldn't say much. He had me.

Apparently that long, high speed run in the patrol car really shook him up as he VERY NERVOUSLY wrote me a ticket and released me. I went on to work and, days later, went to court. The judge asked how I pled to the speeding charge (while awaiting my turn in court, I had noticed an "anomaly" on the ticket and momma didn't raise no fools). "Not guilty, your Honor" was my reply. The judge said "The officer clocked you at 95 MPH!" I said "That may be your Honor, but he only cited me for doing 70 in a 95 MPH zone". The judge looked at the ticket again, smiled at me, and proclaimed "Case Dismissed"!

Greatly relieved, my eyes briefly met the officer's eyes. He sincerely wanted to strangle me.
Why couldn't I have been that lucky.  :laugh:   priceless

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AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn chase made him mix up the ticket!!!!! If I only could be so lucky :laugh:
95 seems kinda tame nowadays, great story though. :D

Could this perhaps be the "bike" in question?
My cousin had one I used to ride, wheelie machine, sweet fast ride but it couldnt turn. 2 stroke I think wasnt it?

Hey Tom, have u owned all those bikes at your web site? I was wondering after all those Kawi's how u settled on a Busa insted of a ZX12?

- Kent

Yeah, 95 IS tame on a Busa. That gold Kaw is exactly the evil-handling bucket of bolts that I had back then. I lowered the handlebars and geared it down for more acceleration. The freaking thing was a tank-slapping, scary-when-leaned-far, explosive powerband, wheelie machine... and I loved it. :D Yep, those are (were) my bikes on my personal website. Actually, there were a few more that I couldn't find pictures of. I looked at the ZX12's very carefully but after riding a new Busa one day, I knew the Kaw wouldn't have that big, low-down Busa torque that goes with the extra cc's. Kaw builds excellent, bulletproof engines (they always have) and I usually choose bikes by their engines first (it's a drag racer thing, `ya know), but Busa owners truly KNOW which is king, especially when the king drops about 35 pounds and pumps up his muscles by 15 or 20 HP! Amen. :cool:
Had a 3 cylinder kaw in High School 1976, man what a bike, fast, fast, fast. Don't really remember now, but it had an aftermarket pipe.
Was doing about 70 on the frwy once through a town, went under an overpass and punched it.
The pipe noise echoed off the concrete walls, I do remember think that man that was really loud, COOL  :D

About 5 miles later I got pulled over by the city police on the frwy.  I did not think the city police come on the frwy.
He said that I had heard the noise (about 2 blocks from the frwy) and thought there was some drag racing happening on the frwy and came to help catch all the racers.
He pulled me over cause I was the only bike on the frwy with a louder than normal sound.
He did not give me a ticket  :) , just told me to slow down.

Man I wish I had kept that bike, but was young and moving on to bigger and "better" things.

But, yea that bike was fast....... and fun

Ride safe  
gaw - Cool!

Those Kaws taught me to love and understand 2-stroke power. They were the quickest things in the universe back then. Actually, they still are v-e-r-y quick, just rare now (thanks, EPA) and overshawdowed by modern 4-stroke engineering (which is also great). Just thinking about them makes me :D :D :D !!!