Axle nut... what size is it?


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What size is the busa rear axle nut? I want to get a good socket and handle to use when removing the wheel or adjusting the chain. I took the wrench from the tool kit out to see if it was marked but it isn't. I looked in the shop manual but couldn't find anywhere that shows sizes for any of the fasteners. Just shows the locations of 'em.

Thanks in advance...
Hey Bullet I had the same problem Thursday. There is a proper sized wrench in the tool kit. So, I am going to take that and a couple of others to Sears and do it that way. All I know is that it's big. I also need a good torque wrench and a C-spanner. But just taking the tool kit bits seems to be the best way to get what I need. Oh and don't forget to get fresh Cotter pins. Yeah I know I am using a recyled one... no excuse but I really wanted to over tighten my chain... :mad:
Yeah, I tried the Sears thing. Just got back before I posted this. They had up to size 32mm in stock. Not big enough. The only size they stock bigger than 32mm was 36mm but they were sold out. So, I'm back to the drawing board. Might have to hit a different Sears tomorrow and try my luck again. I'm bettin' it's a 36mm just judgin' by the difference in the tool from the kit and the 32mm they had in stock. Sucks that they didn't have a 36mm on the rack to try.

I was gonna buy a socket, big handle to use with it and a torque wrench all today if they had the socket I need. I'm also going to pick up some extra cotter pins tomorrow. Gotta stock up on the stuff I know I'll be needin'. ;)
Hmm, Wonder if Sears online might have what we need, though without a 36mm confirmation...I wonder if this info is out there somewhere. I was checking through the service manual as well and didn't find anything.
Johnnycheese would know but I don't know when he'll sign on or if he'll see this. I figure it's just a matter of time before someone that knows hits the thread. If nobody posts it by morning I am going out with my tool in my hand ( :laugh: ) and tryin' to find a socket to fit the nut. If I find out before it's posted here I'll let you know. I'd almost bet it's gonna be a 36mm tho...
Yeppers I just found the same thing online... Thanks Blas...
They have a 12 point 36mm socket on their website for $6.99 with a rebate for free shipping. Don't we need a 6 point socket for the axle nut? Maybe a dumb question but I've never messed with 12 point stuff so I don't have any idea...
Um, it might be a real good idea to find out if Suzuki has a special tool for this. It would suck to scar up or round that nut...Bound to be pricey...
Im using a 36mm from Home depot I got for like 4 bucks. Its a twelve point and works wonders. It works great with three in extention and normal ratchet.

Thanks for all the replies. Looks like I'll be socket huntin' in the morning. I need to tighten my chain. ;)
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And you need to go to Sears for that?:super:  I dunno bout you but I can think of a couple better places!!!!

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