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I have changed my avatar for this question.

Does anyone know where I can find a photo/info of this on the web?:super: It is the second avatar listed (org10).

This one belongs to Milwaukee_Joe, and I think it's cool as hell.

I would love to get some custom body work and morph my Busa into this.

Sorry Man, I am pretty sure that the photo is of a concept bike.  If you have about $100k or so you can certainly have someone build you something like this maybe, but otherwise... This is pretty close...
Suzuki Nuda, a concept bike that came out 2002 along with the B-King and GSX-R/4 Hayabusa-powered concept car.

Hmmm... that one says 1986, but I remember seeing it in the mags just a couple years ago. Either a typo or my memory sucks.
Ouch, my back and wrists hurt just looking at that thing. Looks cool though if there was some way of supporting your midsection.